Tuesday, April 15, 2008

13th International Noise Awareness Day

"You may not wish to speak;
just sit without words
day and night by my heart's side" Tagore

April 16th is the 13th International Noise Awareness Day
Participate by the simple act of 60 seconds of “No Noise” from 2.15 to 2.16 pm regardless of location. This one minute period will highlight the impact noise has on our hearing and health.

Recipe for A Quiet Diet
Take these few, simple steps to preserve the peace and quiet in your life:
Pay attention to the noises you make and respect your neighbor's right to peace and quiet.
Turn down the volume two notches on your radios and personal stereo systems with headphones.
Turn down the volume one notch on your television.
Do NOT honk your horn, except in the case of imminent danger.
Do NOT tip taxi drivers who honk their horns illegally.
Avoid noisy sports events, restaurants, rock concerts and nightclubs unless you use hearing protection.
Replace noisy activities with quiet ones such as taking a walk, visits to libraries and museums.
Ask your health club instructor to lower the music.
Ask the film theater manager to turn down the volume.
Wear adequate hearing protection if you must be in a noisy environment (the subway, mowing the lawn)
Turn off the television during dinner and have a quiet conversation instead.
Get a hearing screening.
Organize a meeting to review (or develop) a local, enforceable noise ordinance.
Join Quiet Bangkok Group
Spread the word about the danger of noise,
and remember... OBSERVE ONE MINUTE OF NO NOISE FROM 2:15-2:16 P.M (regardless of location)



Anonymous BangkokDan said...

Love your blog, fantastic - just try to post more often!

12:49:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the blog.. How about having a page to name and shame the offending places? I live in Thonglor Condo One (Soi 40) and the base noise here at night is terrible. Open corridors leading to a nightclub at the back playing music until 2,3 or 4am each night.

I signed into a long rental agreement without realising. This is a living nightmare! I want to warn others not to live here.

1:44:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes we live here also. the noise come from The Bank executive club at mouth of soi 40.

even we call police past 3am they ignore the problem and do nothing.

they even leave the back door open to let the sound come to us

12:29:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i life in condo one also

the people chat very loud outside the bank executive club after finish work shout to the building and make the noise with car also

the air fan from the bank club break already so much noise from them yes

2:16:00 am  

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